Rent Radios and Save Money

Radio Rental and Equipment
Two Way Radio Rentals

As a service to our customers we are pleased to offer equipment for rental to provide the tools you need when you need them.

Ideal for customers involved in trade shows, fairs, annual events or sports, through to film production, warehousing and construction projects, the system can be adapted to your exact requirements with minimal capital .

RentalRadios12bankSome of our Rental Radios with 6 and 12 Bank gang chargers.


  • Film – shooting on time and on budget
  • Sport – events and programs
  • Manufacturing – managing shutdowns and variations in demand
  • Traffic management – managing your TMP access and safety
  • Security – maintaining corporate safety and security
  • Events – coordinating radio requirements at every level
  • Retail – controlling stock-takes
  • Construction – streamlining multi-site communications and equipment movements
  • Marine –  yacht racing, boating club events





  • 2way  Communications offers the flexibility to select any number of radios for any period of time. From 1 day to 12 months.
  • Local or wide area coverage.
  • 2way Communications ensures you have superior access to up to date technology.
  • 2way Communications handles all training and support with easy-to-read user guides.
  •  2way Communications provides exemplary customer service and 24-hour support.
  •  2way Communications provides a full range of quality accessories.

Our Portable Repeater System with Tripod Mast


  • Two Way Radios (Mobile, Portable, Base Stations and Repeaters)
  • Repeaters (short or long range coverage)
  • High noise double-muff headsets
  • Light duty headsets
  • Speaker microphones
  • Surveillance kits
  • Earpieces
  • Carry holsters
  • Multi/Single unit chargers


Rental Equipment is subject to availability for customers with established credit and may require a security deposit.
Additional paperwork is required with rental equipment.
A Security Deposit may be required prior to, or upon delivery of the equipment and Rentals are due prior to the rental period.


For More Information
Call Us at 1-877-560-3131


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