Vertex UNI Chargers Built With the Highest Quality


Vertex UNI Chargers with the best quality, Impacts VY-7 adapter cup is now available for the entire line of our Signature Universal Chargers.

Vertex Standard recently introduced a new UNI energy platform that will eventually provide compatibility for all radio models from a single Vertex UNI charger.All Impact Chargers are now compatible with V127LI-UNI, V129LI-UNI, V130LI-UNI,  V131LI-UNI, V132LI-UNI,  V133LI-UNI and V134LI-UNI.

Choose from the Single Desktop (AC-1), Single Vehicle (DC-1), Aluminum Three Bank (AC/DC-3), Aluminum Six Bank (AC/DC-6) or our NEW Polycarbonate Six Bank (AC/DC-6LC)

Join the hundreds of VERTEX dealers worldwide that already trust IMPACT Radio Accessories for top quality, cost effective audio accessories and chargers!  With over 45 different audio accessory options for VERTEX portables alone, IMPACT has an audio accessory for any application and budget!

Public Safety LMR


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