Two-way Radio Accessories Further Elevate the Efficiency and Safety of Golf Courses


Golfers pay good money to play the game, and their expectations of courses and the people who staff them are understandably high. Course managers must coordinate the work of employees across a range of functions to ensure that every green is manicured and the needs of every golfer are met. Two-way radios are essential; and a few well-chosen two-way radio accessories can further elevate the efficiency and safety of golf course operations.

Two-way radios are the communication tool of choice for golf course operations. Radios are durable and simple to use. Communications are instantaneous and systems can be designed with talk groups to encourage communications within specific departments. But radio batteries need to be charged; and very often users need to augment their radios with accessories that help make their communications more convenient and discreet as well as enhance the efficiency and safety of Golf Courses. They look for accessories including:

  • Universal battery chargers
  • Precision-fitted earpieces
  • Noise-canceling headsets
  • Waterproof microphones.

Just as an audiologist knows more about your ears than does a general practitioner, a radio accessory specialist has a sophisticated understanding of the needs of specific users, whether they are golf course marshals, city police officers on bicycle patrol, or soldiers in the field.

Here’s a look at the key positions on a golf course staff and the radio accessories that can make their jobs safer and more efficient.

Marshals – Golf course marshals patrol the fairways and lend a hand to those in need. To avoid distracting golfers, they need speaker microphones that allow them to speak softly into their radios and earpieces that let them hear responses. An ill-fitting earpiece could get discarded, rendering it useless. A good supplier will offer several earpiece options to better insure a comfortable fit.

Event staff – Many police officers use speaker microphones to avoid having to repeatedly pull a radio off his or her belt and replace it. Busy event staffers face the same challenges, so a speaker mic can make them more efficient. People who work outdoors should be assigned a reliable all-weather external mic.

Retail staff – Workers in the pro shop and in the restaurant/bar are much more efficient if they can communicate with their colleagues using an earpiece connected to a two-way radio. Pro shop staff can call up staff out on the course to consult on how the weather is affecting the greens.

Some golf courses also have remote call boxes that allow golfers to call in food and drink orders. Wait staff and bartenders will be grateful to have comfortable, easy-to-use radio accessories to streamline these transactions.

Groundskeepers – Mowing, trimming and leaf-blowing are deafening activities that demand ear protection. Many groundskeepers simply wear earplugs or noise-blocking ear protectors, but the same tools that protect their ears cut them off from the outside world. Fortunately, accessories suppliers can turn standard ear-protection devices into noise-canceling headsets that allow constant communication over a golf course’s radio network.

Stormy weather is the bane of golf course managers. There’s no telling where a howling wind might topple entire trees or toss heavy branches into the middle of a fairway. Radios enable managers to quickly dispatch personnel to fire up their chainsaws and clear these obstructions. Top-quality noise-canceling headsets can ensure they get the job done quickly and safely.



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